Walt Disney World Area Homes

You want to enjoy the fun of Disney’s attractions year round. Even adults love the magic of dining in Epcot and the splendid shows. Purchasing a second home near Walt Disney World means playing during the day and then having the tough decision of choosing between an authentic German Biergarten and an Italian Pizzeria for dinner. Follow it up with the Main Street Electric Parade or Fantasmic! to delight the senses.

When people come to visit, the question of the day is not, “what should we do?” The question is, “how much do you want to do?” Seniors wanting to ensure visits from grandkids know they can’t go wrong buying a second home near Walt Disney World. What surprises them is how much they enjoy the parks too. Garden enthusiasts delight in the gorgeous flowers, naturalists can visit animals from every continent in one day, and foodies will never get bored.

But if you are buying a second home near Walt Disney World, it means you also want a home that you can come home to relax in. Maybe after a full day of shopping in the boutiques you have a new prized possession. The walk in closets offer plenty of storage space and marble vanities offer a great place to highlight a new bauble. Then, luxuriate in the heated pool or sip an evening cocktail on the screened deck.

It’s the little details that make a house feel like a home instead of a hotel. The curb appeal to these homes can’t be beat. When you approach to your house, you will be welcomed by beautiful landscaping and architectural details. Upon entering, the fine touches and open floor plans remind you why you wanted a second home. It blends the best of being at home with being on vacation.

Even on vacation, you value safety and conveniences and solid investments. These homes have all the safety features you need to feel secure, all the conveniences you need to relax and the solid workmanship and attention to detail to give you peace of mind.

Don’t be surprised if you end up spending more time at your “second home” than at your primary residence. The fun community atmosphere, plethora of entertainment and beautiful weather gets addicting.

When you want a perfect second home near Walt Disney World, contact us. We work with your wish list and your budget to find just the right place.



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